Turning Archive 2007

Grex Air Sander-Long

Paul Coppinger
>In April, I took a platter class at John C. Campbell from Frank Penta and Alan Leland. Great class, great teachers, learned a lot and brought back 3 platters. One tip from Frank was to use a 5" random orbit sander to smooth the face of large platters. When a returned home, I wanted a smaller r-o sander to compliment the 5" so I ordered the Grex r-o air sander with an additional 3" hook and loop pad (2" included) from Packard Woodworks . Today, I finally got to use it on a platter. After about 20 minutes of use, I stopped to check my progress and when I tried to start it again, nothing. Air came out the exhaust but the pad did not turn. I checked the air supply, spun the pad but still nothing but exhaust air. I called Packard and spoke with Brad who, based on his air drill experience in a former life, suggested that the turbine might have stopped in a position that allowed air to flow through to the exhaust without turning the turbine. On the Grex, between the trigger and pad is a collet with a slot. By reaching in with the pad wrench, I was able to rotate the shaft slightly and I was back in business. Hope this helps someone else with their air equipment and thanks to Brad at Packard for his help.


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