Turning Archive 2007

Neil Scobie grind

John Lucas
>I just read an article about Neil Scobie and his sounding bowls. In the article he mentions that he has studied bowl gouge grinds extensively and that he grinds his 50 degrees by simply rotating the gouge on the stone. The grind looks very much like a factory grind on a rough out gouge with now sweep on the wings whatsoever. He says this works because of the absolutely straight edge.

Now I know Neil turns more than I but I'm confused. Stewart Batty thinks 40 degrees is the best angle and I've played with that and it definitely cuts better than the same gouge with a 55 degree grind that I used to have on it. The stewart Batty grind has the wings ground back very slightly (nothing like an Ellsworth grind)

Right now I don't have a spare gouge that I can grind this way to see if I can tell any difference. So many different grinds and so little time. I know I'll probably stick with what I have but I sure do love to play.

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