Turning Archive 2007

Loaded for demo on streets Sat. *PIC*

>Showing photo of back of van with tools and lathe buried. Underneath is a Vicmarc 100 (2002)from Terry. I will be using a HD duty Black & Decker stand. The motor is mounted on wood and will slide to to give different speeds as much as 48. I will just use one or two, don't like to fiddle too much.
The demo is for my gallery. They will have two other artists inside Saturday, and I will be out on the streets doing my thing. I don't welcome the demos, it's the loading and unloading. But once setup and going, I do enjoy it. I have a line of BS that won't quit. So patron go inside pick something out and buy.

I will be turning tops, vases, weed pots, wood pens for bic insert, toothpicks holders, small goblets, and even some bowls. I can move pretty fast with all of these. I made up a check list so I won't forget too much. The wife will help and she will be enjoy the Midsumer's celebration in Little Sweden USA-Lindsborg, KS. I intend to post follow up photo after the event. GT

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