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Gloating - Walnut Slabs Etc. *PIC*

Andy DiPietro
>Hi Everyone,

I slabbed a couple walnut logs on Saturday. I took home two 2” thick x 18” wide x 6’ long slabs that I can use later for coffee and end table tops. Can you say “Nakashima”? Of course it will take 2 years to air dry but I can wait. The slabs are just beautiful with nice curved grain patterns. My buddy Jeff has a 3’ Stihl chain saw mill that he made. He also got 2 slabs and the owner of the logs got four slabs. I took home four blanks for HF’s and half of the crotch in the second picture which should yield an 18” diameter platter. Not bad for an afternoon of hard work. The owner is going to save me another log that I will cut up for HF's and bowl blanks later.

Andy DiPietro

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