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2 Ash bowls *PIC*

steve antonucci
>I have a huge pile of ash sitting in my driveway to be turned, and I finally finished something. Not a thin hollowform, but a pair of bowls.

The smaller one is a simple 3x5 ish bowl out of some clear ash. The form is calabash inspired, but not strictly so.

The bigger one is somewhat inspired by the work of a German turner named Sigfried Schrieber, whose work I had the please of viewing at the Woodturning Center in Philadelphia. When I spoke with Albert LeCoff, he told me that Sigfried's work was about motion and kinetic energy and I was intrigued by the concept.

I've never been a fan of footed bowl, but this one has a very small indentation (3/8") so that it can settle. When placed upon a table, it wobbles in much the same way that Weebles did before righting itself. (The bottom of the bowl is 1/8" and the top thickens to +/-1/4", which places the center of gravity much higher than expected.)

As you can see, the bowl is a collaboration with about a dozen or so bugs of an indeterminate specie. I pick out the frass with a dental pick so that the holes are "pure". Probably took as long to clean out bug doo as it did to turn it...


P.S. The photo angle has flattened out both profiles considerably. I always hated studio photography...

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2 Ash bowls *PIC*
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