Turning Archive 2007

Have you ever.......?

Rick Davenport
>I scored some interesting South American wood the other day, it's very hard and oily and downright beautiful.
The tag says queen wood (whatever that is).
So I turned a bowl on Sunday night and two more on Monday, then played my usual 2 hours of tennis after that.
I got off the court and my right thumb dang near seized up.
I can barely move it.
The pain is originating right at the lowest joint (at the base of the hand).
I'm long past the rookie turner death grip on my handles but it appears that too much in too short of a time has its consequences.
Anybody else had this problem?
And if so, what did you do?

My therapy so far has been ice, wrap, ibuprofen, rinse and repeat.


Rick, soon to be called "Lefty," Davenport

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