Turning Archive 2007

Locust Bowl-Vase ? *PIC*

Barry Scotton.... on SaltSpring
>One of my golf buddies, a house builder recently had to take down a couple of trees for a home site. One was a Cypress, the log is about 8 feet long by 24 inches, the other was a locust tree. I have never had locust, but it seems similar to a piece of Laburnum I have had. Sapwood is creamy coloured the heartwood a deep chocolate brown. This piece is 6" high, 6" wide the base is 2 1/2 inches. the wall is 3/16 " The pith was left in and is just below center. It was dried with Dave Smiths DNA method, finish is tung oil, buffed and waxed. Comments and Critques most welcome, and thanks for looking in.

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