Turning Archive 2007

Rugged cross II *PIC*

>There are two versions of this pen. I had posted the first a while ago with little feedback.
The body of this is a random spiral segment of Holly thanks to Ron Sardo.I was looking for the whitest piece of wood I could find and Ron was generous to supply me with a piece of"pure white" holly.
The "Rugged cross" inlay is a "pentarsia" technique I have been doing for about a year and a half.
The picture is comprised of veneers I dyed in different colors and scrolled saw in to make up the picture.
To give you and idea of the size of the pieces I Work with, the thinnest pieces of grass in the foreground are .010"
The cross is Irish bog oak
The finish is water based lacquer.
(The hairs on the back ground are from my black lab Cody)

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