Turning Archive 2007

Yesterday's lesson: Chain saw mufflers are hot

Brian Hahn in SW Wisconsin
>Don't touch a chain saw's muffler after it has been running. It is very hot. It will make you say naughty things in a very loud voice. It also will tempt you to stick a very grimy finger into your mouth.

Yesterday I was harvesting an elm that had just died. It was more complicated than I had expected and the saw ran out of gas and oil. I hadn't brought extra fuel and oil with, so I stowed the saw on the tractor to go back to the house for a refill. The saw sits in a tray on top of the ballast box and I needed to push it over a little bit so it wouldn't jiggle out on the trip. (I've had that happen a couple of times in the past.) Anyhow, I pushed against the front end of the saw to slide it into position. On this particular saw, the muffler is on the front. I couldn't see that from where I was standing. Gosh, that hurt. I don't plan to do that again.

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