Turning Archive 2007

Repaired Goblet *PIC*

Curt Fuller
>A while back I took a goblet with a segmented type celtic knot to our turning club and they asked if I would demo how to do it. So I glued up the wood and got all ready to do it last thursday. I get pretty nervous when I have to do something like that so I was pretty rattled. Things weren't going too bad and then I got to the skinny section of the stem and hit a spot in the wood where there was a void that I didn't know was in there. The stem broke and that was pretty much the end of the demo. I had a spare piece of wood but not enough time to start over. Pretty embarrassing to say the least. Anyway, I brought the pieces home and did a salvage job on it today. The cup is ash with wenge for the celtic ring design. I made a base from the ash, drilled a small hole in it and the base of the cup and made a new stem from wenge. 7" tall by 1.75" dia. Deft lacquer finish.

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