Turning Archive 2007

Pallets for turning?

Jimiles-Charlotte, NC
>A few days ago someone posted the question - can you use wood from pallets for turning. I was at my local lumberyard the end of this week and picked up 6 Pieces of wood used for packing/shipping building supplies - about 3 feet long and about 2.5 inch square. Took them home and planed them. Found -Maple, Oak, Hickory, Poplar, Gum? and Sycamore. A few knots and defects, but great wood for segmented turning.

Short story: Same lumber yard. Last Summer. Noticed that had special ordered a pallet of 8' long Ipe deck boards and had 15 - 20 pieces left. The pallet it was on was made up of 3 rough sawn boards 5/4 inch by 10 - 12 inches wide and 8 feet long. It had a wonderful promising reddish tint to it, I wasn't sure what kind of wood it was but I thought it must have come from the same place as Ipe so it had to be something nice. They agreed to give me the pallet when they sold the rest of the Ipe, which was about 3 weeks ago. Took it home salivating at the great find I had made, planed a piece. Turned out to be some of the plainist, non-decscript wood - kind of like Gum with black splotches through it. Oh well, if nothing else it will make good segments.

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