Turning Archive 2007

Where do you get your inspiration from? *LINK*

Ron in Drums PA
>Last night's chat was interesting.

We spoke about where we get our inspiration and what to do when we get stuck. Some said from nature, others said from seeing other peoples work.

While others said that by trying other things helped them get new ideas. e said that casting metal helped her. SteveR mentioned museums and fifth century Grecian vessels. Ruth is about to venture on a bent wench series. In a past chat, TD said his flat work has improved from turning.

Other ideas where looking at glass art, pottery, paintings, photography and even writing.

But form is everywhere you look and the simplest forms are the ones that work the best. The more you study and work on good form, the better you understand it and the easier it is to see good form. There are many great books written on the subject.

The one thing I've noticed with segmented turners is they are so involved with the design that they forget the form. While the craftsmanship is outstanding the form lacks appeal.

Once upon a time I wanted to be a wildlife illustrator (until I realized I couldn't raise a family that way). In the painting below the form is a figure 8. I'm able to draw from my art background, but I still look everywhere. You never know where a new idea will hit you.

Where do you get your inspiration from, show us!

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