Turning Archive 2007

pricing question *PIC*

John Lucas
>I know pricing is all over the place and also depends on where you sell and what venue but for the sake of seeing how things sell around the country I thought I would post this little bowl and see what kind of prices you guys and gals would sell this for. Around here I might get $35on a good day. More than likely I'll have to ask $20. Burls sell better than most woods as far as price but If I turned a 12" burl bowl I would be hard pressed to get $70 for it and you know the price of burl stock. This little bowl was a limb knot that was given to me and I don't even know what kind of wood it is. It was an ugly little thing with a rotten limb imbedded in it. I looked at it for 6 months before deciding I could do something to salvage it. It's 4" by 2".

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