Turning Archive 2007

Grinder Tune Up

>It has been a while since we discussed how to tune up a grinder so let's go thru it again. In a previous discussion Russ suggested starting with the wheels removed.....that is an excellent idea. Start with no wheels on your grinder and if it runs smooth then you know the problems will be in one of two areas...the wheels will be out of balance or the wheels will not be 90 degrees to the shaft. On cheap grinders you can bet that the wheels will not be held 90 degrees to the shaft. On a cheaper grinder if you look at the plates that hold the wheels you will likely see that they are stamped, not machined. Stamped plates just do not get the job done. Machined plates that fit tightly to the shaft and hold the wheel to exactly 90 degrees from the shaft are found only on higher priced grinders but they are very important. The One-way balancing kit includes machined plates that will hold the wheel to the desired 90 degrees off the shaft. Normally you can fix your problem grinder just by adding the One-way plates. If you want to take the time to balance the wheels that is even better. Now if you add the One-way kit after you have already dressed the wheel while mounted to the original stamped plates you are in trouble because when you dress a wheel that is not running true you really throw the wheel out of balance. The weights in the One-way kit may not be enough to get the wheel back in balance. It is best to use the One-way balancing kit with a new pair of wheels. If you ever dress the sides of a wheel you will really throw everything out of balance.

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