Turning Archive 2007

NIP Bowl, Pictures

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

Here's a translucent NIP bowl. It is about 7 across and 4.5 deep. The sides are very thin. Just over 1/16 of an inch think. I turned it wet and soaked it in danish oil, but still has some small cracks in the eyes. I might should have soaked it longer. Total soaking time was about 2 days. Finish on top of the Danish oil is just buffing with the Beall system.

The eyes in this piece were not in as even of a layer as others I have seen, but I sort of like the randomness of this one. Makes the piece look more organic to me. There is only a little spalting. I have one more blank of this stuff and I am going to let it sit and spalt a bit more before I do that one. I love the green coloring and wish this one had more. However, I needed it for a birthday gift and couldn't really wait.

Comments or critiques are always welcome.

Thanks for taking a look,


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