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Toolrest Recommendation

David Breth
>Last night I snapped the toolrest on my Jet-1236. The base is fine, but not the rest. That soft "Pling, ling-a-ling-a-ling" on the floor told me something had gone awry.

I've been debating going to a modular toolrest with round bars anyway, and am wondering your thoughts on getting a straight-up replacement Jet-1236-36 versus going round bar modular. I'm thinking the round/modular would be
1) more durable, 2)
easier/smoother to use, and
3)would be less subject to scoring marks from parting tools, etc.

My biggest concern is that it could "unscrew" itself a little with a catch or normal vibration and turn itself into the line of fire.

I'd certainly appreciate any comments or recommendations in general!

Thanks very much -

David B.

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