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boring holes for lamps

Edward in Vancouver
>Racking my brains on trying to bore a hole, maybe 18" long on a spindle for a lamp. I have at my disposal:

Crptsman 12" tubular steel lathe
Nova mini-chuck (the last of 16 tpi x 3/4 threaded Nova mini chucks)
A decent live center
A decent cast-iron lathe steady (3 wheel type) rigged to a a home made oak base that bolts on the tubular bed
The regular assortment of drill bits, and cheapo- extension pieces normally used for spade bits, (socket type with two set screws)

Now I have seen hollow live centers and lamp augers, but I'm hesitant to buy any party because I'm cheap, partly because the crptsman has a #1 morse taper which is now pretty much obsolete, but mostly because I don't want to buy anymore gadgets until I can competantly use what I have.

I understand that if I were to use a hollow live center, boring from the tail end, I'd use more or less a "regular" type of drill bit. But If I go through the head stock, through the Nova chuck, would I still be able to use a "regular" type of bit?


Edward in Vancouver

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