Turning Archive 2007

large spindle question again.

John Lucas
>I drew up the spindle last night and calculated the wood. There are two ways to do it of course, stave and segmented. I'm leaning toward the stave construction but will have to cut 48 3 foot sections with 3.75 degrees on each side. What method would you use to do this. My original thought was the jointer but I'm wondering if it would be more accurate if I make up a jig and run them through the planer. It would be easy to get a tapered stave if I use the jointer. They will be too thick to use the table saw and I'm not sure I can do it accurately enough on the bandsaw. I'm still guessing at how much time it will take to do the assembly. I'm sure I will have to custom cut the last few. I can't imagine I could get 48 cut accurately enough to nail it first try.

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