Turning Archive 2007

Box Threading Jig *LINK* *PIC*

MIke from St. Clair Shores
>I saw Al Crandall's threading jig last year on his club's web site. I've wanted to make one ever since. So this past week-end I decided it was time. I had a cross slide vise that I got at Rockler a while back and decided to use it in the jig. I also used an old bosch router and scrap wood that was in the shop. The only things I had to go out and buy were: 1" x 8" all thread rod, nuts to fit the rod, and a cutter that Al described. The rod and 6 nuts were $12.00 and the cutter was $22.00. I've made 3 boxes and it cuts great. I own hand chasers but they don't work well with most of our domestic woods. So far I have used cherry, maple, and mahoghany and they all cut great. Oh yeh, the chuck came off my midi. but you can use face plates and glue blocks. I want to make two more boxes that hold different size threaded rod, so you can cut different size threads. Comments Welcome.

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