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1st Craft show this weekend

David Breth
>It has been a while since I posted anything, but that is because I've been in preparation mode. This weekend I'll be doing my first craft show. Putting kids to bed means I can't do anything until 9pm, so I've been up until 3am pretty much every night for the past two weeks.

Yeah, I could have started earlier, but the Sabres will still in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and I couldn't be expected to do anything while that was going on.

So, tomorrow is the big day, when I replace hearing attaboys from friends and family who get gifts with "yeah, I guess they are ok"'s from strangers with cash. I alternate between the fantasy that I might sell 90% of what is there and the fearsom nightmare that I'll barely cover the cost of the $50 table. In truth, I have a pretty good feeling about what I'm doing and my approach. I know my place - I'm not at the level of many on this site, but I make a decent bowl, and people do respond to the novelty of turned items.

Here are some of the things i've done that I think are worthwhile:
1) Made up a 3-ring binder that shows how you go from tree to bowl - very brief, entitled "How'd he do that?".
2) Made up a 3-ring binder with examples of my work, entitled "Examples of my work, from coin banks to toy boxes and beyond", in the hopes that somebody might want me to make something for them.
3) I got business cards, the "freebie..." variety off the internet. Each turned item will have the card (upside down) in front of it, with a brief description and the price. I figure that way my card pretty much goes home with any recipients.
4) I made about 80 little cars, matchbox size, as a (hopefully) bread and butter sale item. 4 styles of vehicle, 6 paint colors, all brightly colored. Hope to sell them of course, but also hope the color will lure folks in.
5) Kept it local, and am doing a moderate-level show, meaning this isn't a show that will draw vendors from all corners of the earth, nor is it one that will draw every guy who can make a pig out of erasers and thumbtacks. I wouldn't want to have to compete with either.
7) Borrowed a canopy tent from a friend, and garbage-picked two card tables to supplement the 6-foot tables I borrowed.
8) Made good use of the dollar store for stuff like baskets and tablecloth clips. Used the clearance area at Jo-Ann Fabrics for table cloth material.
9) Made up a few little signs, such as "please handle wooden items with clean, dry, careful hands." We'll see how that goes. I'll keep the delicates and pricier items away from the edge of the table...

Oh - did I mention that that the weather calls for thunderstorms on both days? That ought to bring people to the outdoor show.

David B.

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