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Call for Votes... Please Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Steve Russell
>Hello to the group,

For the last few weeks we have concentrated on various aspects of selling your woodturnings in our weekly Wednesday Night Turning Chat. In an effort to broaden the chats appeal to all of the WC family of turners, we need your help and ideas on future topics.

To get the ball rolling, here are a few general interest topics that you may find interesting. Please cast your vote for the ones you would like to see pursued in the upcoming chats. In addition, please indicate your suggestions for any topics that are of particular interest to you. Together, we can make the chats a valuable resource for all of us.

Possible Topics:

1.) Chainsaws: Chainsaws make your life so much easier when you are a woodturner. If you're looking to buy a chainsaw, what features are the most desirable from a woodturner's perspective? Do you choose petrol, or an electric saw? What bar length is best for a good all-around woodturning chainsaw and what about safety equipment? Join us as we discuss chainsaws for woodturners and what features and equipment are necessary for processing your own logs and blanks.

2.) Woodturner Profiles: An in-depth look at your fellow WC turners and their studios. This topic would concentrate on a single woodturner, their work, their tools, grinds, etc, and their own particular turning vision and style. The profiled turner would be able to show several pictures of their work and their studio. This would be an open type of discussion where the chat members could ask specific questions of the particular turner. Due to the nature of this type of discussion, we would have to limit this to no more than one per month, so we could maintain the balance of the chats for other topics. If this is of interest, we could flesh out the specifics and report back to the group.

3.) Sharpening Jigs: Tired of free hand sharpening your woodturning tools? If you're ready to start using a jig sharpening system, which jig is the most versatile and easiest to use. What are the pros and cons of the major jig systems? What do you need to do to your grinder to get set-up for jig sharpening? Join us as we discuss jig sharpening of woodturning tools.

4.) Mounting Heavy Items on the Lathe: Oh my aching back! So you've got a monster blank that you need to get mounted on your lathe. How are you going to do it? What are you using now... Several friends, a few WWF Wrestlers, a winch, brute force, prayers to the turning gods? Join us as we discuss options and techniques for saving your back and getting heavy, or unwieldy blanks mounted on the lathe safely.

5.) Casting your Own Plastic Pen and Bottle Stopper Blanks: Set-ups, materials and protocols for casting your own pen and bottle stopper blanks. What has worked well for you, what has not worked? Where are you getting your supplies? Are you free-flow casting, or using pressure/vacuum pots? What are you using to add that extra "zing" to your blanks? Join us as we discuss the fun and adventures of casting your own plastic blanks.

6.) Recovering From Turning Disasters: Ok, you've been turning on a really sweet piece and you've really poured your heart and soul into it… At some point it all goes way bad and Kaboom! You turn through the bottom, blow through the wall; you launch the piece into orbit and cannot find all of the pieces, or something similar. What do you do to recover from a disaster? How can you change the design and style on the fly, to recover and complete the piece? What's the best way to make lemonade from lemons? Join us as we discuss how to recover from turning disasters.

7.) Breaking the Creative Wall: What do you do when you just can't think of any new ideas, or shapes to turn. How do you continue to find inspiration for your woodturnings? What do you do to rediscover your muse when you feel like you're stuck in a rut? How do you reconnect with your inner artist to rediscover a fresh path to creative expression? Join us as we discuss the ways to break the creative wall and regain your artistic muse.

8.) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) For Woodturners Websites: If you want to sell your woodturnings, you really need a website. Just having a website is not enough though, you've got to get traffic to your site and then convert all of those browsers into buyers. What are the latest techniques for optimizing your woodturning website for sales and marketing? What does your site need to compete in the modern Internet world? What about navigation, usability, page rank, back links, viral marketing, directories, content creation, pictures, credit cards, merchant card accounts, shipping, guarantees and more? Join us as we discuss optimizing your woodturning website for better search engine ranking and increasing traffic, sales and your overall conversion rates.

9.) Bandsaw Modifications For Woodturners: Ok, you've got a bandsaw (or maybe you're thinking about getting one) but you want to really make that puppy sing for processing your woodturning blanks. What modifications can you add to make processing green wood easier on the bandsaw? What types of bands offer the best performance, Silicon Steel, Bi-metal, or Carbide? What about the teeth per inch? What works best and cuts the best with wet, green wood? Don't forget the guides… Some work much better than others with green wood! Join us as we discuss modifying your bandsaw to make it work more efficiently when cutting green wood logs and blanks.

10.) Personal Dust Protection Systems: What personal dust protection systems work best in a woodturning environment? When you look at the catalogs your head just starts to spin… Full face, Half Mask, Helmet, Self Contained, Split Systems, Passive, Active, the list goes on an on. What really works and what does not? Which systems are comfortable to wear for long periods of time? What about battery life on powered units? Which systems make your head feel like it's a bowling ball on a broomstick and which ones feel so light that you forget you're wearing them? What about replacement parts… Which systems are cost effective to operate? Join us as we discuss personal dust protection systems in the woodturners studio.

11.) Dust Collection In Your Studio (not including anything worn on your head, or face): We all know that wood dust is a very bad for our health… What's the best way to collect it from your lathe? What systems work well and which ones wimp out in the suction department? What's the best set-up for collecting power sanding dust? What about supplemental systems like ceiling mounted units, in/on floor systems, or other systems to remove dust that escapes the primary collection hose? Join us as we discuss dust collection systems (not including anything worn on your head or face) in the studio and the best ways to protect yourself and your lungs.

Well that's eleven choices. Please vote for your favorites and list a preferred order of occurrence if possible. Feel free to add your own ideas; I'm always open to suggestions. Thanks for your help and participation in this survey and I will look forward to seeing you at a future chat. Take care and all the best to you and yours!

Steve Russell
Wednesday Night Turning Chat Moderator

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