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Rob Hix - King George, VA
>Hey all,

I just completed a sharpening cabinet to hold all of my sharpening stuff and to mount the grinders to when they are needed. They only problem I have now is that when I designed it I failed to look at the directions for mounting the Wolverine system. Now, without some major redo and rethinking I cannot use the Wolverine. This was going to be a future purchase.

For the most part I can do my spindle gouges and skews on my Veritas grinder rest. What I need is a fingernail jig. I have noticed at Lee Valley there is a Kelton system and a Sorby fingernail profiler available. First question, does anyone have any experience with either of these other two systems? Second, can anyone lead me to the mounting instructions for either one or both so I can get an idea if I can even use either one.

Thanks in advance,
Rob Hix

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