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Vacuum pump adapter

Dave Shombert
>I've been attempting to rig a vacuum chuck setup, including making my own rotating vacuum adapter. Yeah, I now, Oneway makes one for about a hundred bucks. Holdfast makes one that's even cheaper. I wanna make my own, blast it, incorporated into a homemade handwheel (I have a General 26020) with a quick-disconnect air hose fitting. Of course, this requires a bearing. I made one with a shielded bearing, but it leaked and I'm pretty sure it was through the bearing. Then a friend suggested a 2RS bearing (rubber shields). I found some on eBay and asked the seller if he knew whether they'd hold vacuum or not - answer, NO!. One of his few negative feedbacks was from someone who tried to use one of his bearings in exactly that application.

I recall that David Ellsworth had such a thing when I was at his place a few years ago. I emailed him about it but haven't heard back. Has anyone here made their own adapter? How did you deal with this problem? Thanks,

Dave Shombert
Elkins, WV

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