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When things go wrong or right? *PIC*

Andy DiPietro
>I was teaching a HOW –Hands on Workshop on hollow forms last month to one of my woodturning club friends when I had this nasty catch. Of course I was 30 seconds from completion when it happened. I was looking forward to finishing it and giving it to my friend to take home. I felt completely dejected and apologized for the mishap. But my friend said not to worry and that it is all part of the learning process. I gave him the piece anyway and a cut off from the silver maple log. Two weeks later I saw him at our club meeting where he could not wait to show me a nice bowl he salvaged from the bottom of the hollow form and a small HF he had made on his own from the cut off. So this made me feel better that I helped to inspire him to make hollow forms and fix a (my) mistake. Hence something right or good came out of a mishap.

Just felt like sharing.
Andy DiPietro

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When things go wrong or right? *PIC*
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