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#092 Maple Burl Box *PIC*

Greg Haugen
>Here is a box that I recently made. It's Maple Burl-2" diameter and 3" tall. This time I made the "form" a little more "rounded". The burl has so much going on I didn't want to put any chatter, etc. on it. But I've had this design, "flattened" beads or "buttons" I call them, in my head so I thought this would be a good box to try it out on. The "buttons" are solely made with a Pyramid tool, the point for the initial layout grooves and the sides to roll them over. I love that tool!! The box has a great suction fitting lid. The finish is cellulose sealer and wax. I'm having a blast with these boxes.

Comments appreciated and welcome!!


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#092 Maple Burl Box *PIC*
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