Turning Archive 2007

Lesson Learned

Sean Troy
>Color me STUPID! Last week I posted that my lathe was down and I called tech support to send out a tech (lathe under warranty) to see why my lathe was losing power as I made cuts. Well, the service company that was supposed to call me to make an appointment never did and then never returned my calls to see what was up. Jump ahead to today and I went out to look at the lathe again with a friend visiting from Flordia to see if we can spot the trouble. Two heads are better than one right? While he's bending down to look at the converter box, I turn on the lathe to show him it does turn (Burl cap still mounted on the lathe) as I turned it on and turned up the speed, I noticed the chuck was spinning but not the Burl Cap. There was never anything wrong with my lathe, I was using a screw chuck and the threads were stripped inside the wood. Glad the lathe is ok after all but I sure feel like an idiot !!!

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