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Positive comments about John C Campbell Folk Schoo

Ed Moore
>This past week I had the honor and privilege of assisting Bob Rosand at the John C Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina. The new Willard Baxter Woodturning Studio is very nice. The food was absolutely great - yes, better than Arrowmont's when I was there in 2000. The atmosphere at JCC is very positive and friendly. The surrounding area is beautiful.

Misconception: Morningsong is a bunch of people sitting around singing "Kumbaya".
Truth: There is some first class entertainment there that could have lasted another hour and that would have been fine with me.

There were ten students with limited experience who got a great course from Bob. He is a professional and his careful preparation showed it. Two students were so pleased that on Wednesday they went to the Program Director and told her in glowing terms how much they liked what they were getting.

I was personally pleased when one morning Bob asked me to demonstrate the sea urchin ornaments. The students seemed to like making them.

This fine program is geared for beginners and they get lots of one-on-one help. I recommend it highly for what it is trying to do.

I had a great time - and did I mention how good the food is there? ;^D


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