Turning Archive 2007

Thank the Lord for lathe ballast......

Wolf Kiessling
>About six weeks ago we got some really heavy rain, for south central Oklahoma, and my house flooded. Affected areas were my foyer, hallway, living room, office and garage. It came as a real surprise, don't have any flood insurance due to where we live, and it took my about a week to clean up the mess.

We have just come out of a six year drought and it's been raining, nearly daily for the last month or so and the ground is super saturated. I was gonna go to a dance last night but my gf said it was much too nasty out and we should just stay home. Okay. Talk about dodging a huge bullet. About 8:30 last night a real frog strangler came along and all hell busted loose. I remembered that I had a couple of sand bags weighing down the lathe so I rushed out to the shop and sandbagged the front door. The garage got inundated but there wasn't anything I could do about that (except clean it up this morning) However, the sand bags did a marvelous job and the front door and, between my shop vac (see, the shop helped again) and nearly every towel in the linen closet, we kept the water mostly at bay in the foyer. Only about three square feet of carpet in the hallway got soaked. When all was over and done, about 10:00 pm, I put the shop vac on the saturated carpet, put a fan on it all night, and everything is ship shape and squared away this morning. Got a hell of a mess in the driveway and garage, though. I measured the water level this morning and the water came up 4 inches on the front door.

Anyhow, if it weren't for the lathe sandbags, I would have had a disaster of major proportions. This flooding was worse than the one six weeks ago..........

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