Turning Archive 2007

Signing your work *PIC*

Peter Hyde
>I think I am not alone in as much that I have a hard time getting a good looking signature on the bottom of a bowl. Some people can make it a work of art, I can't. I have reduced my signature to a logo but that in itself really doesn't put my name there. I don't like burned or branded signatures and I have been using a Dremel engraver and filling it in with black marker. When it works it's OK, mostly it's a mess. The picture shows an average one. The logo is a compilation of my 3 initials, p,d, and h.
I am thinking about using labels. I figure I can do them on the computer and print them out as needed. They could be glued on with a glue stick and varnished or lacquered over.
Another alternative is a transfer that can be done the same and then warm ironed on to the bowl and then protected with a finish.
Does anyone else use something similar? Any ideas? Any problems with either? What do you think?

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