Turning Archive 2007

bandsaw tensioning

John Lucas
>I've always had trouble getting the right tension on my bandsaw blade. I've used the method illustrated in FWW which uses 2 pieces of metal clamped to the blade and then use a feeler gauge to measure the distance between them. Adjust the blade until the gap increases "X" number of thousandths and them mark it on the saw housing. This is close but not perfect.

Then I tried running the saw guard all the way up and watching the blade flutter. Tension until the flutter stops and add 1 more turn. That worked pretty good but still not great.

I have a riser block on my lathe and the guard that covers the exposed portion of the blade on the left side is open so I can see the blade. If I watch the flutter on this portion and then do the same 1 turn increase I get a much better cut.

Has anyone else done this. This is a relatively new saw for me so I'm still getting used to it.

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