Turning Archive 2007

So whaddo I tell them?

David Breth
>In about a week, I'm going to do my first craft show, which should be highly entertaining on a number of levels. I've been putting things together bit by bit (borrowed a canopy tent from a friend for example), and have been spinning wood like a madman.

I've also been trying to anticipate some what-ifs. The biggest what if that I just can't answer is regarding the care and feeding of a bowl when it is used for salads, popcorn, etc. My answer was going to be "Just use it as a candy dish. Stuff in wrappers. Keep it out of the sun." Can you folks assist here a little bit? I recall at one point ages ago somebody posted about a little card they handed out with care instructions, cleaning, etc.. The most I can think to say is the second you start in on it with a fork is when the finish will stop looking nice. And keep it out of the sun.

By the way, nearly all of my bowls are finished with Minwax Antique Oil Finish.

Thanks -

David B.

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