Turning Archive 2007

Lathe Update... minor set-back... LONG *PIC*

>... with the Powder Coating. Had the truck scheduled and called the Powder Coater to verify that the lathe was completed on Tuesday.

Todd: "Didn't Derek call you and tell you about the problem we had?"

Me: "Nnnnooo..."

Todd: "Well, it seems they ran out of the top coat color and it came out splotchy and the color was _______ not _________."

Me: "That color is not acceptable. I would have to put a black tarp over it so no one I know can see it."

Me: "So, is the whole lathe messed up or just the 20+ smaller pieces I also dropped off?"

Todd: "I don't really know. I can go out to the shop and check into it and call you back in a few minutes."

Me: "You do that, Todd..."

Now fast forward two hours....

Phone rings in the shop.

Me: "Hello?"

Derek: "Dave?"

Me: "Yes?"

Derek: "This is Derek. So I hear you heard about our little problem."

Me: "Kinda... suppose you bring me up to speed."

Derek: "Well, that particular color of top coat is hard to apply evenly and get a good result. Some of the final baking came out splotchy. My dad ran out of the top coat, so I got on the horn and ordered up some more. It will be here by Friday."

Me: "So, what about the work you have already done?"

Derek: "Well, the top coat has to come off and be re-done."

Me: "What about the base coat? Won't it have to come off as well?"

Derek: "Well, most likely."

Me: "------(silence)------------"

Derek: "Dave?"

Me: "So, when is this going to be complete?"

Derek: "Well, I guarantee it done by Friday afternoon."

Me: "Okay.... keep me informed. I want to be there when you start to re-finish the lathe."

Derek: "No problem." (is he kidding?)

So, I guess I get to wait until Friday to personally witness the abortion in progress...

In the interim, we started the fabrication on the mobile base. All tacked up and sandblasted and ready for final welding... then painting.... NO Powder Coating!!

Dave ... looking for sharp instruments in the NW.

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