Turning Archive 2007

AAW Symposium - Friday with your online friends

Steve Worcester
>I was asked by the symposium coordinators if the AAW forum moderators would like a room Friday night for a get together. Seeing as we all cross polinate forums and we (AAW moderators) owe much of our success to other forums who helped break ground in acceptance of the medium, I think it should be a gathering of all on-line woodturning forum members, AAW specific or not.(No body said I couldn't do it).

I would like to extend an invite for yall to come by, this is a loose format after all, and use the room to meet one another and say hi. I don't know what the rooms future holds, there are some other great SIG meetings that night, but if you can make it, great.

Maybe a Q&A of moderators on different forums?

Thanks - Steve

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