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Lathe Update... *PIC*

>... for those that are still following the long drawn out process.

Well, the lathe went in for powder coating two weeks ago tomorrow. It was to be picked up today but the truck was unavailable until tomorrow.

In the meantime, I had ordered a Delta Universal Mobile Base for $49 on Amazon (gotta love the free shipping...;) Today, I went to my secret steel salvage yard, and for about $5 and change, I got a bunch of 1.5" square tubing with 3/16" wall thickness. Should be ample for the 900# lathe. I cut the pieces to fit the mobile base kit and the attached picture is the end result.

The mobile base is only mocked up at the moment. I will sandblast, weld and paint tomorrow, so the lathe will have a nice new home when it gets off-loaded.

I suspect that I will be replacing the two wheels in the near future, as I seriously doubt they withstand the stress for any length of time. I may have to mill a couple of solid steel wheels and press in a couple of bearings, as I do not think I will find a 2.5" diameter wheel that will support the weight. I do not expect to move the lathe far or often, so the demands will not be too taxing.

Wednesday is re-assembly day and Thursday is the beginning of testing the new belt configuration and tool rest / tail stock assemblies... and some new pictures of the paint job.

If all goes well, then it will be time for new grinding wheels, a large chuck (Vicmarc 120 or Stronghold) and some real bowl gouges... and a homemade hollowing rig...;)

Dave... who is anxious in the NW after nearly two years...

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