Turning Archive 2007

O.T. Day One

Dave Peebles Lyons, Ohio!
>Today was an important day for me. It was the first day of not going to work for someone else. I officially retired from everything except woodturning last Friday.

It was a great feeling!! I worked for 25 years in the road construction business. With a few years in between doing other assorted jobs. My last job was at a major RTA woodworking company.

But today, I began to work for myself. The shop is undergoing major renovations. All the things I have been putting off for a couple of years are now on the front burner.

I used to be a pretty active member here. But for the last two years I have been the guy who posts in the middle of the night. :) I have really missed the chats on Wednesday. I hope to be a regular contributer from now on.

I am also teaching some woodturning classes at my new local Woodcraft. I have another coming up in a week or so. It has been really great to do something you love and get paid for it too!

Anyhow, sorry for the long post, but I wanted to share the news with some of my old friends who may remember me from days past.

Best wishes,

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