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big spindle commission *PIC*

john lucas
>I'm asking for advice here. This will be the biggest (not the longest) spindle I've been asked to do. I want your opinions on how you would turn it and how you think I should figure the cost. The overall height is 36" and the width is 22" I may be off a little because I was estimating size from a really bad photo. I'll get a better photo from her if this goes through.

The bottom 10" will probably be segmented turning. I'm thinking I should probably do the top portion that way as well. If I do stave construction of the upper portion I'll have a lot of waste, not to mention that I've never done stave that would be 8" deep.

I figure it would take 2 days to cut and glue up all the segments. I hope I'm figuring that time right.

It will also mean that I'll need to add some wood spacers below the headstock and tailstock to give me a swing of more than 22". I have some MDF so that will be pretty easy. I've done it before on a smaller lathe and it works surprisingly well.

I figure about 1/2 a day for turning. I would want to take it slow to reduce the chances for error.

I hope to do more work like this around here because I think the money is better than selling art pieces or craft. I don't want to undersell myself but also don't want to lose the job. Give me your best guess. Your help is really appreciated.

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