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Wood alert! Tree clearing in Tyler State Park *PIC*

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Hi everyone,

I hope everyone got to enjoy yesterday morning's beautiful weather. While my wife was out food shopping yesterday I took my daughter to nearby Tyler State Park. She loves going to see the ducks, geese, and (if you're lucky) fish.

We went to the main entrance (off of Rt#332) and parked right in the last parking lot (near the place where they rent canoes). When I got out of the car I saw a sight that made me gasp. There were dozens of trees all cut up and piled right alongside the trails. It seems the park service was doing some clearing (I have no idea why). Some of the trees looked rotted, while others looked fine. Most of them appeared to be ash, red oak, sycamore, or poplar. I did see one cherry tree. But it was smallish and was rotten. No one I talked to knew anything about those trees. So I'm assuming that you couldn't just go up and grab some (not that I would. My wood pile needs some thinning before I grab any more).

I wanted to get a couple photos to show you all here. But as soon as I reached for my camera, my daughter started saying, "Cheese! Take a picture Daddy?". So I pulled her and her wagon right up to this HUGE poplar that had been taken down and took a photo. This tree had to be about 5' in diameter. I have no idea how tall it must have been. But it must have been enormous. Sections of it were spread out all over.

While I don't have the room for any more wood other and anything special (I'm keeping my eye out for burls and fruit wood), I imagine with a park this size, they must be clearing other sections out. This might be a good opportunity for a local turner to obtain some nice turning stock. All they would need to do is look into seeing how one could obtain some of this "bounty".

See ya around,


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Wood alert! Tree clearing in Tyler State Park *PIC*
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