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Totally OT: Shipping Rant

Ruth Niles
>I hate to rant on Sunday morning, however.......... the new increase in USPS shipping has got me very angry. Not so much the increase in stamps. For years I've felt stamps should be .65 or even .75 each. Think about it, you put a .75 stamp on your sister's birthday card, the mailman picks it up at your house, it gets sent clear across the country, even Hawaii, and delivered to her house. That's all for under $1, even with the price of gas. Ok, now my rant: the parcel post and priority boxes, I sent a small box yesterday, 1 lb. was $3.78, it weighed 1 lb. .03 oz. and I had to pay to send a 2 lb. box, that's 15.97 oz. I paid for that I did NOT send!

If you went into a meat market, ordered 1 lb. of ham, the scale said 1 lb. .03 oz. and the guy said "oh, I'll have to charge you for 2 lbs." one of 2 things would happen. First the gov't would shut him down and, second, you'd be raising all sorts of noise to everyone.

The USPS scales are so damned accurate, why can't they charge by the actual weight? It's not like any of the workers have to use their brain to do all sorts of fraction figuring, if the weight, date, location sent from and sent to is all set in the computer, why the devil can't they put price per ounce.........ok, even price per 1/4 lb. ?????????

With my stoppers, I can squeeze 50 in a flat-rate envelope and that's a deal at $5.40 (new price over $4.85) because 50 weigh 11.25 lb. and it would cost something like $18 reg. parcel and over $27 priority. Ok that's a deal. That still has nothing to do with charging for 2 lbs. when it's .03 of an ounce over 1 lb. International shipping is the worse, you don't even want to know!

I may not step down from this soapbox anytime soon.

AND another point,(warned you I wasn't ready to step off the soapbox!) the USPS said this increase was due to the increase in the price of gas that the airlines are charging, so if the price of gas goes down, these other increases will follow the price of gas?

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