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Ron in Drums PA
>Hi Folks

Here is the topic, as suggested by Steve Russell, for Wednesday's chat 5/23/07

Finishing Your Work For Galleries: If you want to start selling your work in galleries, you need to be on the top of your game with your finishing protocols. Your work will be judged against some of the best turners in the business, how do you step up and compete? Learn how to successfully finish your work for collectors and major galleries. Learn how to finish the finish and raise the bar on your current finishing protocols.

As always we will start the chat by reviewing 2 selected works by our friends.

Also if you are interested in having your work reviewed at a chat, remember to email me 1 or 2 (max.) photos of some of your recent work (completed or unfinished, in process etc.) for our "Show and Tell" session. Please indicate whether you are submitting the photos as "Completed Work" for a critique, or as an "Assistance Needed" submission that you would like some type of help, or assistance with.

Chat room opens at 9:00pm EDT
SNT starts at 9:30pm EDT
Topic starts at 9:45pm EDT

See you there!

SNT 5/16 with log

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