Turning Archive 2007

lacquer and airbrush, long

Michael Foster
>I have a turned and carved piece that I thought would look best finished with lacquer. I have a HVLP gun (gets air from an air compressor) that I honestly have never used because i don't have a spray booth and don't like the idea of all the solvents floating around in my shop. I used Deft in the can for this piece, but was not really happy with the quality of finish. I hate to rub it out, as it is a carved piece, but looks like that will be my only option.

The problem seems to be large droplet size in the finish sprayed out of the can. I recently got an airbrush, and got to thinking that this may be a good solution. Seems like one could easily contain the overspray and maybe get better aerisolization. Anyone have any experience with this? What lacquer do you use? I would probably have to order the lacquer, as I live in a small town with limited options for finishing supplies. Do you thin the lacquer to get more even coverage?

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