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Ellis Walentine, Host
>Most of you are aware that there are two granddaddy woodworking trade shows in the US -- occurring in alternating years in Las Vegas and in Atlanta. This year, the show, called the AWFS Fair, will be held in Vegas from July 18 -21.

Many people have the impression that these are strictly for the manufacturing and large production trade, but the fact is that everybody who makes anything for woodworking -- large shop or small --or who serves the woodworking industry in any way, is there with their latest offerings. It is a total-immersion woodworking extravaganza -- a chance to meet and greet the movers, the shakers, the inventors, the marketers, the visionaries, and all the assorted demonstrators, journalists and assorted hangers-on that attend these events.

My question this time around has to do with what you, as woodworkers of different persuasions, have to say to these manufacturers and suppliers. Feedback, pro or con, is eagerly sought by these highly competitive companies. They need to know what they're doing right (or wrong) and where they're missing the boat. WoodCentral visitors have plenty to say, and your responses will be excerpted for our next "News & Views" column that appears in each issue of Woodworker West, and this issue will be distributed to attendees and exhibitors at the fair in July. Your suggestions will be right where they can do the most good.

What do you have to tell these folks?

Thanks for participating!

Ellis Walentine, Host

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