Turning Archive 2007

3520a Head Stock Rocking: Help?

Jerry Hall
>I have been turning some heavy (35-40#) green oak blanks and have noticed that the head stock is rocking fore and aft. At first I thought it was just an out of balance blank and my poor tool control on a very rough blank. I have made sure that there is no play in my spindle and the chuck is steady. A hand on the bed and legs show those to be steady. Now that I have narrowed it down I can see the headstock rock and a gap of maybe .01" or more in the front. I can even rock it by grasping the hand wheel and the spindle.

I thought maybe it was the headstock lock. Mine is square (not round like the 3520b) and sometimes it wasn't seated. Now I check that carefully. I really pull up hard on the headstock lock bar, and even tried a rubber mallet. I believe my ways are clear and clean, but haven't taken the headstock off.

Today I made a curved wedge to fit under the motor mount to tilt the headstock forward, and that did the trick. But this is no long term solution.

I am afraid I am going to have to take the headstock off, check it for flat, and maybe have it machined if possible?

Any thoughts and help would be appreciated. I don't like my chances at this stage. I have a feeling this has always been this way, but I have just now become clearly aware of the problem.

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