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Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

I did this pair of bowls for my 9/6 year old kids to auction off for their school end of year fundraiser. I've donated bowls to the school in the past and they did well for the school.

One of the advantages of living in central NC is that there are several good universities near by. I went to North Carolina State and my wife went to University of North Carolina. Great rivalry between those two schools. So, knowing that a large number of people around here went to those two schools, I did this pair of bowls. Comments and questions are welcomed and encouraged! I have a very thick skin :)

Both bowls are hard maple and about 8 1/2 across and 3 deep. Fairly thick to give them a good heft. The emblems were traced on and then burned and colored.

The NCSU bowl is colored with a prismacolor red marker. It looks good, but there is just a hint of bleed around the rim and logo. Honestly, it looks better in person, the camera seems to have made the bleed look worse.

I had a terrible time getting a blue dye/pen to look good for the UNC bowl. Their school color of baby blue was tough to work with. I ended up going with a paint as that was closest to the real color. It is much bluer in person than my picture. The paint was SOOO much easier to work with than the marker. I think I just tried to color too much area with the marker. If I do another, I'll use red paint. Still, the red marker took a buffed finish nicely and the glossy red is pretty and I like being able to see the woodgrain through the color.

Finish on both bowls is tried and true varnish then buffed with the beal. I didn't buff the painted surfaces as I worried they might flake.

Thanks for taking a look.


Done working with dyes for a while in Apex,NC!!

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