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In line filter on Air Comprerssor

>Hey gang. I just posted this on the main forum but wanted to post it here to see what the turning side does in this case. Thanks!

I am wanting to put an in line filter on my AC in order to help in moisture control into some of the pneumatic tools I use on use on my turnings. I thought that the little filter I bought just connected onto the regulator at the AC, but apparently I need a short line coming form the AC...then they say to attach this filter to a solid surface such as the wall...and then run the extended line to the tools from there. So I'm at Lowes yesterday, and I don't see any sort of short air hose for the filter extension. Does everybody just make one of these out of a piece of short hose and use those coupling do-dads? The tapered thing that fits inside the hose to seal it? I fear those would leak...they always do when using them to splice garden hose. Perhaps I'm missing the entire explanation that came in the filter box...it was pretty sparse. Of course I just tossed my old air hose and the trash pick up was yesterday.

Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!


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