Turning Archive 2007

Changing the blade on Jerry's old handles

Doug Thompson near Cleveland
>The Blade can be easily replaced in Jerry's red or black handles if you follow a few simple steps.

First clamp the handle in a wood jaw vise with the tip of the blade pointed up so the shot will remain the handle.

Now heat the handle evenly from the blade to about 2 inches down with a propane torch, this will take a couple minutes. Grab onto the blade with vise-grips or channel locks and try to twist the blade, if it doesn't move it's not hot enough to melt the epoxy. If it does start to move you have about one minute to go with the heat. DO NOT yank, tug or use excessive force to remove the blade (DAMHIK), when the epoxy is melted the blade will slide right out of the handle. Remember the handle and blade are hot as a firecracker so don't touch them. Most handles have a bushing that the blade fits in, try to keep this in the handle.

To replace the blade, let the handle cool down then remove the old epoxy, mix up some new epoxy and glue the replacement blade in the handle... let it dry.

Did I forget anything...

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