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Tonight's chat and *Link*

Ron in Drums PA
>Hi Folks, I'll be hosting tonight.

Steve has suggested to me the following topic, is everybody ok with this subject?

"Local Marketing - Getting Started With Art And Craft Shows: So, your house is full to the rafters with your woodturnings and you’ve given away all you can to friends and neighbours, what are you going to do? Start selling your turnings that’s what! One of the easiest ways to begin marketing your woodturnings is to participate in local area art and craft shows. What’s the best way to get started? How do you find the best shows? How do you prepare a good application packet to get into juried shows? What about your booth... What’s the best setup to attract visitors and make the sale? Come and join your fellow WC members at the next Wednesday night Turning Chat as we discuss “Local Marketing and Getting Started With Art And Craft Shows.”

Also remember to email me 1 or 2 (max.) photos of some of your recent work (completed or unfinished, in process etc.) for our "Show and Tell" session. The first 15 minutes of every chat will be allocated to any members recent woodturnings. Please indicate wether you are submitting the photos as "Completed Work" for a critique, or as an "Assistance Needed" submission that you would like some type of help, or assistance with.

5/16/07 SNT Link

See you there!

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