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Pyrography Pens OT a bit

Tom Storey
>This is a copy of my post to a woodburning forum. Not many replies. Any help here?

I do some wood turning and I want to do pyrography decorating on some pieces. This would involve burning a series of circles of various diameters, just like an 'O', and unfilled. I'm thinking diameters of 1/8 inch or less and larger, say up to a 1/2 inch.

I am also interested in other tips with shapes like squares, ovals, Xes and so on.

The reason for the pre-formed shape is to ensure a near identical pattern. If I get this done properly then I'll try some freehand decorations, after I do a lot of practicing!

I have a Razortip two pen system.

Anyone know if pens or pen tips are available for my system in the shapes I described? or are there workarounds?

Thanks, Tom

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