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Kind of OT: Building a shop

steve antonucci
>I'm in the preliminary steps of planning a seperate shop building for my home. I need to work through some things with the town zoning board, but in theory, I'm almost ready to go! (Wife said just do it...)

I was at a local Lowes where they have a 16x24 barn/shed with 2 levels for about $11K. Has anyone ever put up one of these things as a shop? It would be stick built onsite, and the guy said they build them on gravel beds...

I'm also pretty sure I'd have to get a pole and power brought in. Do most towns allow power to a shed on gravel? (I live in NJ) If not, what would a slab or block foundation typically cost in that size?

Any insight to the insanity I'm considering is greatly appreciated...


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