Turning Archive 2007

spindle lock for jet mini

eliot d
>I just got a new Jet mini. It took me a few minutes to figure out that you lock the spindle with the knock out bar by putting it in the hole on the spindle shaft and holding it against the lathe bed. In other words -- no real built-in spindle . The only problem with the knock out bar method is that you need to hold the bar with your left hand to keep it from falling out. Something tells me that others have already figured out a way to rig something so that both hands can be free to hold a face plate or whatever at the spindle. Am I right? what's the trick, if there is one?

Also , I got the non-variable speed mini because there is no loss of torque at the low end speeds -- as I believe there is with the variable speed version. Am I right that there is loss of torque at the low end for the variable speed?

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