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Help hollowing a bowl *PIC*

Wayne Leach-NW Ontario
>Hi All,

I began making a birch bowl for my wife for a Chinese auction at her dog show but ran into problems when I got to the inside.
I turned the bowl a shape that I can't hollow using bowl gouges so I made a crude (test) tool using a 3/4" square bar and 1/4" metal turning bit installed as shown in photo. I have never seen one of these in operation and only in my "wish" catalogues.
How does one shape the bit for proper cutting or are these strickly for scraping. It would be nice to get the finish inside to reduce the amount of sanding needed? Any light you can shed on this would be very much appreciated.
I will also put a pic of the bowl up showing what I have so far!
Thanks a bunch to all.


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